Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The End

And so, with a pair of exploding Chimeras, ends A Story By Jet.

Or was that just the first chapter?

The End / Stay Tuned.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Two of us decided we were going to move out of our wormhole... and also leave the corporation we were in. But how were we going to leave?

At one extreme, we realised just how easy it would be to claim the wormhole for ourselves. The way time zones align in our (now former) corporation, we could have taken it all. Towers, assets, customs offices. Everything. We could be supreme overlords of a class 4 wormhole! Just the two of us! Splitting everything only two ways! We'd be space rich! Muahaha!

But just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should, and I'm afraid "it's just a game" doesn't cut it for me.

So we chose the other extreme.

That said, there was always the small chance that if we announced our leaving, our corp mates could choose an extreme, and decide they were going to hang onto our stuff. So when we went, we did so without notice. We took nothing that didn't belong explicitly to us, and actually left behind a number of valuable corp assets that we had an equal share in (plus we forgo our share of any future sale of the wormhole itself).

The Chimeras though, belonged to my partner in this venture. He alone paid for them, was the only pilot, and opted to get some of his ISK back.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Camel's Back

We moved out of wormhole space... and got to see the newly introduced capital ship wrecks first hand.

Not because we had our asses handed to us while running sites, but that was *dramatic pause* The Straw that broke the Camel's Back.

We had been considering a move to... somewhere new... for a while, but while the going was good, we kept going. Not having as much fun as when everything was new and I was constantly learning, I was bringing in decent ISK through PI and site running, so I stayed. But it wasn't fun anymore.

Games should be fun, and ISK doesn't equal fun.

We had also definitely outgrown a class 4 wormhole as a corporation (not hard to do) and there just wasn't enough content in Alice to sustain us.

We (and when I say "we" I mean me and the friend I followed into w-space, whom I mentioned in my post about PI back in January) didn't really choose to join the corp we're in, nor did we choose to become directors. We both kind of fell into it. Let me explain.

My friend was in a corp, that was part of a small alliance that lived in Alice. I joined so I could hang around with a mate and see what life in a wormhole was like. I had only recently returned to EVE.

I was a member for less than a week when the corp announced they were moving out of w-space and heading to null. I wanted to stay.

Thankfully, so did my friend. And so did one of the other corporations that was in the alliance - a corporation with two members living out of a medium-sized POS. We joined them, and together, the four of us (eventually) made ourselves a home out of a wormhole we had just bought.

That wormhole had two large and one medium POS online to begin with (we only needed one large) and two Chimeras floating in space (albeit behind a POS shield) for everyone to see, that we weren't even able to pilot yet to be able to store in our ship maintenance arrays!

We had a lot of work ahead of us, and a lot to learn about wormholes... but it was fun back then.

The Chimeras, if you're interested, were bought (not by me) for 500 million ISK each. Self Destruct = insurance = 292 million ISK back.

In my next post, I'll talk about why we destroyed the Chimeras, as opposed to selling them and/or our share in the wormhole itself.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Straw

We recently made some new friends in our wormhole. If you squint, you'll see my pod there at the bottom.

It was the weekend, and as has been happening more often recently, it was our first chance since the previous weekend to get at least three of us together to run the sites that had been building up in our wormhole.

We can do them with two people, but there are only so many sites to go around, so we like to include at least three people.

The weekend lets us do that... but the weekend also gives people keen to PvP the opportunity to get together and do their thing.

So there we were, on a Saturday morning, doing our second combat site of the day, after having watched sites accumulate throughout the week, but held off doing them until we had more than two people on.

When we started, our wormhole was sealed. Closed off from the outside universe, it was the ideal time to run sites. As safe as it gets.

Then... having completed just one site... as we were in our second... not one, but two new Cosmic Signatures appeared on our probe scanners.

We did the right thing and retreated to the safety of our POS shields. We had seen no ships on d-scan, but both signatures turned out to be incoming wormholes. Odds are there was something in the wormhole with us now... hidden.

But we had waited all week for this. And we were on the final wave of the site. Maybe we could go back and finish it. Bad idea. There may not even be anyone in here. Bad idea. And we could keep an eye on the wormholes. Bad idea. It wouldn't take long. Bad idea.

We warped back to the site. Supported by two Basilisks, our Navy Raven and Scorpion made short work of the remaining sleepers. We still hadn't seen anything on d-scan. Now it was time to loot and salvage. Except I was using my Noctis pilot to keep an eye on one of the new wormholes. But we still hadn't seen anything on d-scan. And we'd have two battleships supported by logistics guarding the Noctis. Okay.

Warp drive active. Tractor Beams pulled wrecks towards the Noctis, Salvagers were cycling. The Basilisks had locked the Noctis and were transferring shield power as a precaution. See? Nothing to worry abou... Legion on grid! Legion on grid!

Do you warp off in a situation like this, leaving the unlucky person that is tackled to his fate? I don't know. We stayed and fought... and died.

A Sabre wasn't far behind the Legion, and in no particular order, Loki, Guardian, Tempest, Brutix and a Hurricane also dropped in on us. My Basilisk was in the very centre of the bubble, webbed, scrammed and losing capacitor.

The Noctis was making a break for the edge of the bubble, being kept alive by the Basilisks, and the battleships were fighting back. We killed the Sabre.

They killed both battleships, the Noctis and one of the Basilisks. The other Basilisk escaped, as did two Capsules. The Noctis and Scorpion pilots kept their current clones, the other Basilisk and Navy Raven pilots woke up in high sec.

gf were the first and only two characters I've ever typed in Local chat in a wormhole. They got us good.

zKillboard says we lost a total of 1.7 billion ISK. Their Sabre set them back 67 million. We went back to that site because we didn't want to leave less than 100 million ISK worth of loot and salvage floating in space, and because we had waited a week to run sites in our wormhole.

Bad idea.

Pod and Basilisk set me back 207.31 and 199.17 million ISK respectively. My most expensive loss in EVE to date.

But why's this post called The Straw? That will be explained in my next post. Because everyone loves a cliffhanger.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

More Pie

I managed to keep track of where my ISK came from for another month, as I did in December when I posted about PI.

Then my main source of income was running  Sites  and it still is, but 71% became 46%. Quite a drop, but it's partially due to not having as much time to play EVE this month.

22% from  PI  became 35%. Running sites less is part of that, but I also have a 3rd character doing PI, where back then I only had two. Still a good earner though, either way.

A mate and I had a bit of a break from the constant d-scan mashing that is wormhole life, and 10% of my income came from level 4  Missions  as you can see on the chart.

No selling gas this month (as I was for part of December). We've been turning it all into polymers via  Reactions . 6% from those, and the final 3% is from  Hacking  two sites.

I doubt I'll keep tracking my income like this for long, but it's good to have an idea where ISK is coming from, and what areas to focus on.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Local spatial phenomena may cause strange effects on your ship systems.


Since I mentioned a "black hole" in my last post, I thought I'd expand on that a bit - and here's an example.

If you ever jump into a wormhole and see that phenomena message, a quick check of Wormnav will reveal what system effect is in... effect... and what it does.

 Effect : Black Hole 

There are also Cataclysmic Variable, Magnetar, Pulsar, Red Giant, and Wolf-Rayet effects, and you can see what they do on an EVElopedia page I've linked on the blog before - a page all about Wormholes.

 Ship Velocity 68% 
 Locking Range -34% 
 Turrett Falloff -34% 
 Missile Velocity -34% 
 Drone Control Range -34% 
 Intertia 68% 

Let's take a closer look at what this means, using my C4 Tengu as an example.  Ship Velocity  goes from 219 m/s to 367 m/s but as I said in my EFT Warrior post, I don't consider mobility important for my fits.

That's the good out of the way, now for the bad (ugly?).  Locking Range  is my limiting factor when it comes to missile range, and it drops down to 53 km (without boosts). That'd be painful in a C3, let alone a C4 where it's not uncommon for sleepers to spawn 100 km away.

Then there's  Missile Velocity . Mine is usually 9,675 so a heavy missile takes 5 and a half seconds to reach a target 53 km away. 66% of that is 6,385 and means that those same missiles are spending over 8 seconds in flight. That kind of damage application is just plain annoying.

And lastly (since I don't use turrets or drones) we have  Intertia . While mobility isn't important, I'd still rather have it than not. I wasn't going to, but I ended up doing some math to work this one out. EVElopedia came through again and provided me with the formula for Aligning:

TimeToWarp = -ln(0.25) × Mass_kg × Agility / 1000000

From there (once I remembered *cough* googled *cough* that ln is a natural logarithm, and switched the Calculator on my computer to scientific) I plugged in the mass of my Tengu and multiplied that by my  68%  modified agility (or intertia). The result is that instead of taking 4.3 seconds to align, I'd now take 7.2 seconds to align - putting a dent in any speed tanking I was capable of.

So I'm moving quicker, but a lot less nimble in a wormhole with the black hole effect, my missiles are slooow, and I can't reach my enemies due to a shorter locking range. And in a higher class wormhole, those effects would be even greater - instead of  -34%  it'd be  -50%  in a C6. No thanks!

If you don't already know about the other effects, I'll leave it to you to check them out, but will say they're usually better than black holes.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Once upon a time, there was a wormhole named Alice.

Alice was connected to two other wormholes. One was a C3 static that hid within it a black hole and very few combat sites.

The potential for earning Inter Stellar Kredits there was poor, but before the corporation members who called Alice home could collapse this rather lackluster wormhole, they wanted to close the other wormhole Alice was connected to - a class 4 from which someone had previously entered their home.

With one member AFK, two others started the process. An Orca flew back and forth until sensors showed a change in stability.

Reduced, but not to a critical degree. That means less than 1,000 Gg [ wrong ! ] of mass can pass through the wormhole! said JET.

Numbers were crunched, and as the Orca made a final pass, it was determined [ incorrectly ! ] that a further 100 - 200 mass could pass through.

Should we use the Onyx? someone asked.

To which JET replied "take a battleship! It will save us time, and being under 100 Gg in mass, you're in no danger of getting Trapped" [ whoops ! ]

As it happened, JET was saying all this from the safety of Alice. The AFK member had returned, hopped into a battleship, and wasted no time in warping to (and through!) the C4, where the third member was scouting. The choice of battleship was... unfortunate.

Did you take the cheap Raven? asked the scout. Navy Issue. was the reply, as the Raven hurtled through space.

The Navy Issue Raven came out of warp and jumped through the wormhole... which promptly collapsed behind it, trapping both the Raven pilot and the scout, who was (thankfully) in a Buzzard. Thankfully because the Raven had neither a probe launcher nor a cloaking device fitted [ whoops ! ]

If you glance at my previous blog entry, you'll see the journey undertaken following these events. For a corporation that calls a C4 with a C3 static home, traversing long wormhole chains is unusual, and so going from C4 to C4 to C3 to C5 to C5 to C6 to C4 to C3 to high sec, was new.

From the safety of Alice, JET described doing this with a faction battleship unable to scan or cloak as an adventure. You'd have to ask the multi-million ISK battleship pilot unable to cloak, or the Buzzard pilot who had to scan down 21 wormholes plus countless gas, relic and data sites in the wee hours of the night, if they agree. JET provided moral support, and investigated linked systems using Wormnav.

And everyone lived happily ever after, as the battleship re-entered Alice through a low sec entrance JET had made sure was clear.