Saturday, 12 April 2014


Two of us decided we were going to move out of our wormhole... and also leave the corporation we were in. But how were we going to leave?

At one extreme, we realised just how easy it would be to claim the wormhole for ourselves. The way time zones align in our (now former) corporation, we could have taken it all. Towers, assets, customs offices. Everything. We could be supreme overlords of a class 4 wormhole! Just the two of us! Splitting everything only two ways! We'd be space rich! Muahaha!

But just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should, and I'm afraid "it's just a game" doesn't cut it for me.

So we chose the other extreme.

That said, there was always the small chance that if we announced our leaving, our corp mates could choose an extreme, and decide they were going to hang onto our stuff. So when we went, we did so without notice. We took nothing that didn't belong explicitly to us, and actually left behind a number of valuable corp assets that we had an equal share in (plus we forgo our share of any future sale of the wormhole itself).

The Chimeras though, belonged to my partner in this venture. He alone paid for them, was the only pilot, and opted to get some of his ISK back.


  1. Yes it was sad to blow them up. But unfortunately the mass of the ship(s) was too big to squeeze out of a C4. Otherwise I would have jumped them into LS/NS and sold/used them there.

    1. Good call pointing that out (for those that might not be familiar with wormhole mass restrictions). And you've got to admit, it was kind of cool, going out with a bang, putting a couple of exclamation points at the end of an EVE chapter spent in w-space!!

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