Saturday, 5 April 2014

More Pie

I managed to keep track of where my ISK came from for another month, as I did in December when I posted about PI.

Then my main source of income was running  Sites  and it still is, but 71% became 46%. Quite a drop, but it's partially due to not having as much time to play EVE this month.

22% from  PI  became 35%. Running sites less is part of that, but I also have a 3rd character doing PI, where back then I only had two. Still a good earner though, either way.

A mate and I had a bit of a break from the constant d-scan mashing that is wormhole life, and 10% of my income came from level 4  Missions  as you can see on the chart.

No selling gas this month (as I was for part of December). We've been turning it all into polymers via  Reactions . 6% from those, and the final 3% is from  Hacking  two sites.

I doubt I'll keep tracking my income like this for long, but it's good to have an idea where ISK is coming from, and what areas to focus on.

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