Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Straw

We recently made some new friends in our wormhole. If you squint, you'll see my pod there at the bottom.

It was the weekend, and as has been happening more often recently, it was our first chance since the previous weekend to get at least three of us together to run the sites that had been building up in our wormhole.

We can do them with two people, but there are only so many sites to go around, so we like to include at least three people.

The weekend lets us do that... but the weekend also gives people keen to PvP the opportunity to get together and do their thing.

So there we were, on a Saturday morning, doing our second combat site of the day, after having watched sites accumulate throughout the week, but held off doing them until we had more than two people on.

When we started, our wormhole was sealed. Closed off from the outside universe, it was the ideal time to run sites. As safe as it gets.

Then... having completed just one site... as we were in our second... not one, but two new Cosmic Signatures appeared on our probe scanners.

We did the right thing and retreated to the safety of our POS shields. We had seen no ships on d-scan, but both signatures turned out to be incoming wormholes. Odds are there was something in the wormhole with us now... hidden.

But we had waited all week for this. And we were on the final wave of the site. Maybe we could go back and finish it. Bad idea. There may not even be anyone in here. Bad idea. And we could keep an eye on the wormholes. Bad idea. It wouldn't take long. Bad idea.

We warped back to the site. Supported by two Basilisks, our Navy Raven and Scorpion made short work of the remaining sleepers. We still hadn't seen anything on d-scan. Now it was time to loot and salvage. Except I was using my Noctis pilot to keep an eye on one of the new wormholes. But we still hadn't seen anything on d-scan. And we'd have two battleships supported by logistics guarding the Noctis. Okay.

Warp drive active. Tractor Beams pulled wrecks towards the Noctis, Salvagers were cycling. The Basilisks had locked the Noctis and were transferring shield power as a precaution. See? Nothing to worry abou... Legion on grid! Legion on grid!

Do you warp off in a situation like this, leaving the unlucky person that is tackled to his fate? I don't know. We stayed and fought... and died.

A Sabre wasn't far behind the Legion, and in no particular order, Loki, Guardian, Tempest, Brutix and a Hurricane also dropped in on us. My Basilisk was in the very centre of the bubble, webbed, scrammed and losing capacitor.

The Noctis was making a break for the edge of the bubble, being kept alive by the Basilisks, and the battleships were fighting back. We killed the Sabre.

They killed both battleships, the Noctis and one of the Basilisks. The other Basilisk escaped, as did two Capsules. The Noctis and Scorpion pilots kept their current clones, the other Basilisk and Navy Raven pilots woke up in high sec.

gf were the first and only two characters I've ever typed in Local chat in a wormhole. They got us good.

zKillboard says we lost a total of 1.7 billion ISK. Their Sabre set them back 67 million. We went back to that site because we didn't want to leave less than 100 million ISK worth of loot and salvage floating in space, and because we had waited a week to run sites in our wormhole.

Bad idea.

Pod and Basilisk set me back 207.31 and 199.17 million ISK respectively. My most expensive loss in EVE to date.

But why's this post called The Straw? That will be explained in my next post. Because everyone loves a cliffhanger.

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